Beaches, Card Games, and Being Restored

Restoration – This is quickly becoming my new favourite word. After this week especially, I can feel it in the back of my mind, like a small, little blip that I can’t seem to shake,
I like this word because there are so many different areas in life where it can be used. When I think of the word restoration, I think of surrender and of comfort. It’s a long, slow breath being drawn out in content (think of the smoke that blows out of your mouth on a winter’s day, or a bright blue beach – that’s what I see the word restoration looking like). It looks different for everybody in terms of how we approach it.
It looks like giving up, in the best way possible. Of releasing everything within us that begs us to be more and do more and try harder, and for one minute breathing and out, of letting ourselves go back to the place where we understand what was most important, and we clung to it with a tight fist.
I get distracted all the time. Little things, big things, they distract me from what I know I should be heading for and what I should be keeping close. Small things bring me back to the person I know I want to be.
The other night was spent around the table playing card games with friends. We ate chips and we laughed, we teased each other and we laughed together. There was warmth and kindness and jokes, and it was a moment of rest – of being restored, of being reminded of where I want to be, but more importantly who I want to be. I want to be in those moments all the time, moments of laughter and silliness and playing card games. Card games are the best sort of games – they can be played anywhere, with anyone – on airport floors, in the waiting room, (at the beach) and always always always late at night at the kitchen table.
What brings you back to restoration? Let yourself start the process of renewal. Head to your beach – watch the waves.
Card games are a good place to start.

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